White? Work for Gates’ Microsoft? Get a lawyer.

And it’s not just Microsoft.

Elon Musk Targets Google Search After Claiming Company AI Is ‘Insane’ And ‘Racist’

Story by Robert Hart, Forbes Staff 

“It is pretty much a guarantee that any company that says “don’t be evil” will be evil,” Musk said on X in response to a post highlighting race education programs at Google. For years, Google included the phrase “Don’t be evil” in its corporate code of conduct—it was held up as a famous company motto but recast as “Do the right thing” as part of its restructuring under Alphabet—until it was quietly dropped in 2018. Diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) initiatives have been a focal point for Musk’s discontent in recent months, most recently at Disney, where he has criticized CEO Bob Iger and claimed the company’s policies are enforced by “Disney’s DEI Gestapo.” Musk, alongside several billionaires and business leaders like Bill Ackman, claim DEI initiatives discriminate against white men and harm businesses. The billionaire part-owner of the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks Mark Cuban disagrees with this position and there is no universally accepted evidence that the initiatives harm companies.

The errors in Google’s AI image generation, which the company stated were a result of their attempts to address bias, increase representation, and mirror their global user base, have exposed what Elon Musk called “insane racist, anti-civilizational programming.” Musk reiterated the notion that “woke” diversity initiatives are somehow undermining Western culture and civilization.

Musk shared content asserting that Google has “done great damage to western civilization” and mentioned that he agrees with Sequoia partner Shaun Maguire’s concern that “Gemini is the tip of the iceberg.” He also mentioned that he has heard numerous stories of the company allegedly discriminating against white men to meet diversity quotas.

Additionally, Musk fueled the conspiracy theories claiming that Google is heavily biased against Republicans and is “rigging the 2024 election,” calling these reports “concerning.”

And today