UPDATE: Police issue shocking announcement in McConnell’s SIL’s death

We covered this last week and thought that there was something weird going on. (See link below)

Turns out we were right.

Texas Police are now investigating the death of Senator Mitch McConnell’s sister-in-law as a criminal investigation, and say her death was not a “typical accident.”

Blanco County Sheriff’s Office has sent a letter to Texas AG Ken Paxton after Angela Chao, sister of Mitch McConnell’s wife Elaine Chao, former United States Secretary of Transportation, was found dead on February 11 after midnight when her car was pulled out of a pond.

“This incident was not a typical accident,” said Blanco County Sheriff’s Office to Paxton.

“Releasing the reports, videos and other information prior to the completion of the investigation would interfere with the investigation and possible prosecution of this matter.”

Chao was CEO of the family business, shipping company Foremost Group. As described in our piece below, her car was found in a pond on a ranch owned by a “corporate entity” connected to her husband, near Austin, TX.

As we observed, Mitch’s retirement was announced within days of the tragedy. The Chao family sits at the pinnacle of American power and is very closely tied to China and by association, the Chinese Communist Party. That her mysterious death is unrelated to this connection is yet to be disproved.