Boston police won’t arrest child r*p*sts

Massachusetts is not a sanctuary state, but there have been proposals for it on Beacon Hill. A sanctuary city or state is a location that limits cooperation with federal immigration laws. There are eight cities in the state that are sanctuary cities. They are Amherst, Boston, Cambridge, Chelsea, Concord, Newton, Northampton, and Somerville. They have passed local legislation directing local law enforcement to refrain from divulging location and immigration status information to federal officials.

TRANSCRIPT OF X: We embedded with a team of elite Boston based ICE deportation officers as they arrested four alleged child rapists & a violent MS-13 gang member in a single morning. ICE says their detainer requests on all of these illegal aliens weren’t honored by local jurisdictions due to sanctuary policies in Massachusetts. ICE tells me those policies allow illegal aliens charged or convicted with heinous crimes to roam the streets after release without any notice, and make their job more dangerous because they have to find & arrest aliens charged or convicted with aggravated felonies on the streets, instead of having them handed over in a safe environment like a jail.

@EROBoston Field Office Director Todd Lyons calls the sanctuary policies “frustrating”, but says arresting multiple alleged child rapists and a violent gang member in one morning is a testament to his team.

“That’s every day up here in Boston,” Lyons told me. “Those are the public safety threats we really want to get off the street. It was a great day, great day for the team. Five public safety threats that can’t victimize anyone anymore.”

But Lyons added, ICE Boston can only do so much, given current staffing levels. “I don’t have enough officers or resources to tackle all these public safety threats,” he said. “Are we gonna go after the child rapist today, or are we gonna go after the twice deported fentanyl dealer? Because we can’t do both.”