Tax Day Humor

used to write serious columns every April 15, but that’s too depressing.

This decade (202120222023), I switched to sharing tax humor to commemorate the deadline for filing taxes in the United States.

Sticking with that new tradition, let’s start with this look at parasites.

Though, the real parasites are the interest groups that ultimately get the money. The IRS is just the middleman.

Next, the Onion reports on a new IRS enforcement campaign.

I work from home, but I would never dare claim a home-office deduction, so the campaign is working.

For our third item, the IRS loves to use exaggerated estimates of a “tax gap.” This is what it means in reality.

Since I’m not a fan of withholding, this next tweet hits home.

And it doesn’t even capture the entire truth since very few taxpayers know that their payroll taxes are actually twice as high as what they see on their pay stubs and W-2 forms.

Perhaps because I grew up reading the Peanuts comic strip, this is today’s favorite item.

If only opting out of the tax code was this simple!

P.S. My archive of IRS humor features a new Obama 1040 form, a death tax cartoon, a list of tax day tips from David Letterman, a Reason video, a cartoon of how GPS would work if operated by the IRS, an IRS-designed pencil sharpener, two Obamacare/IRS cartoons (here and here), a collection of IRS jokes, a sale on 1040-form toilet paper (a real product), a song about the tax agency, the IRS’s version of the quadratic formula, and (my favorite) a joke about a Rabbi and an IRS agent.

Tax Day Humor

April 15, 2024 by Dan Mitchell Original here.

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