Holy Flamethrower, Batman! Look at this dog!

Throwflame say the Thermonator is the first-ever flame-throwing quadruped robot dog. We believe them. We also wonder why? Why do we need a flame-throwing robot?

The Ohio-based firm have announced the $9,420 bot is available for purchase by the general public and government agencies for the first time. The Thermonator can be remotely operated by wifi or bluetooth to fire jets of fire up to 30ft. It is able to avoid obstacles and leap through the air, the device has laser sighting and can operate for an hour. Although it looks like a ton of fun, it also looks like an arsonist’s or terrorist’s dream.

Throwflame suggest the robot can be used for wildfire control and prevention, entertainment shows or even clearing snow and ice from your driveway.

What could possibly go wrong?

Is it is protected under the Second Amendment????