Son’s phone goes missing, dad discovers hidden story of Biden’s Afghan immigrants!

Virginia’s Quantico Marine base was one of eight bases across the country selected to be a staging post for Afghan refugees back in 2021 following Biden’s disastrous exit from Afghanistan. Now, it appears, a small Afghani town has sprung up on its doorstep in Fredericksburg, VA. Do we know if they are all prepared to assimilate? Are they all loyal to America and its values? We know that many Afghanis were incredibly brave colleagues of our military, and they deserve our support. Yet this story suggests not all are prepared to play by our rules. Do you have a similar story playing out near you?

My son was playing soccer with some friends at field and had his cellphone on the sideline by his bag.

His phone wasn’t there when he finished playing, so he called me from his friend’s phone to tell me it was lost.

We’ve got Life360, so I tracked his phone to a neighborhood downtown near the fields.

The street I turned into dead ended into a low income neighborhood – a mix of townhouses and duplexes.

It was about 9pm.

As soon as I entered into that neighborhood I thought I was back in Kabul.

There must’ve been at least 50 Afghan kids running around playing.

I parked at the location Life360 told me my son’s phone was at, and my wife and I got out of the truck.

(I tried to tell her she couldn’t come for obvious reasons, but she jumped in the truck anyway.)

As I’m walking down the sidewalk trying to figure out which duplex the phone was in, an Afghan man walks out of one of the doors.

I see on Life360 that my son’s phone is moving towards me.

I’m guessing he got the Life360 alert on the phone that said, “Dad is here.”

As I walk towards him my wife sees that he has my son’s phone in his hand. She snatched it from him and said, “that’s my son’s phone.”

At this point, the Afghan dude starts saying “I was bringing to you” in broken English.

He nervously starts explaining how he found the phone and was about to walk around to find the owner.

Obvious straight up lie.

What blew me away about this had nothing to do with the phone though.

I was amazed at how many Afghan families were tucked away into this one little neighborhood.

I asked someone that’s an elected official about this neighborhood, and his response was, “yeah man, it’s crazy, they moved all of the people out of that neighborhood to make room for these refugees.”

These were part of the refugees that were being housed at Quantico, which is about 20 mins from me.

I spent a couple years in Afghanistan. There is no proper vital records system, and there is no way to properly vet these people.

Unvetted illegal immigrants are in your neighborhood.

There’s a reason our government is importing them by the millions.