If You Ever See These In Your Backyard, Ask For Help To Remove Them!

Here is a list of 12 super dangerous fungi and plants that might grow in your backyard. Some of them look like they come straight out of hell, which makes them quite unappealing, so you will unlikely want to touch them. But some of them actually look more than normal or even adorable, and they might be even more dangerous to you and your family. Promise you will not touch any of them! There are some plants that can easily kill you.

Death Cap
Conocybe filaris
Destroying Angels
Clathrus Archeri
Devil’s Claw
Bloody Tooth
Porcupine Tomato
Giant Hogweed
Death Camas
Doll’s Eye

– Death Cap is the deadliest of them all. It does not come with a name tag and is easy to confuse with edible straw mushrooms and caesarโ€™s mushrooms. It can be found in different parts of Europe.
โ€“ Conocybe filaris might look cute and innocent but can cause death, or severe pain. If you live in the Pacific Northwest, you have most likely seen it growing in the lawns.
– Destroying Angels abundantly growing in North America is super toxic and not exactly edible. They belong to the genus Amanita.
– Clathrus Archeri looks like it was sent from outer space to destroy the humankind, or straight out of hell to remind us to be nice people. In fact, that thing is more than real and terrestrial.
– Devilโ€™s claws come from Arizona and are even used for basket weaving by Native Americans. – Bloody Tooth likes to live in the forests and mountains of North America, Europe, Iran, and South Korea.
– Porcupine Tomato comes from Madagascar but is not even remotely as cute as the lemurs we all love. It can grow 8 feet tall and 8 feet wide in no time.
– Fraxinella, also known as burning bush, dittany, and gas plant thrives in the warm climate of southern Europe, North Africa and most of Asia. 16 to 39 in tall and looking sweet and innocent, it is hiding its killer nature behind the little flowers.
– Giant Hogweed comes from the Caucasus Mountain region between the Black and Caspian Seas. It came to Europe in the late 19th century, and a few decades later became wide-spread in America, as well.
– Death Camas might look like a great addition to a summer flower composition. However, if you see them growing in the field or your backyard, do not bring them home.
– The toxins in Oleander are so powerful even honey made by bees that pollinated its flowers can kill or seriously hurt people. Its leaves and sap can irritate and damage your skin.
– Doll’s Eye might have a more terrestrial origin, but one thing is true for sure. The entire plant contains cardiogenic toxins. If you dare to eat them, they will immediately affect your cardiac muscle tissue and very likely kill you.