This Gen is suffering Climate Anxiety – let’s examine

In a thought-provoking essay published in The New Atlantis, environmental researcher Ted Nordhaus presents a compelling argument that while the fundamental science behind CO2 and climate change is sound, it has been exploited by activists to propagate an irresponsible and unscientific climate catastrophism.

This alarmist narrative, pervasive in mainstream media and constantly amplified by it, has had far-reaching societal implications. It has not only distorted the public’s perception of the significant advantages offered by the carbon economy but also exaggerated the likelihood of extreme events purportedly made more likely by it.

As a consequence, this climate catastrophism has stifled rational discourse on climate policy, providing cynical politicians with a convenient scapegoat for societal issues, shifting blame from regulatory and institutional failures to fossil fuel companies and other so-called “emitters”.

Perhaps most insidiously, the apocalyptic predictions of climate extremists have created hardened skeptics on one side, increasingly mistrustful of all public “expertise”, while simultaneously instilling a crippling, pathological fatalism, commonly known as “climate anxiety”, in true believers on the other side.