Why “Anytime, Anywhere, Anyplace” sounds smart but is dumb.

By Robert Ringer with kind permission.

The takeaway from the Democrat-proposed presidential debates is that they confirm yet again the historical reality that Democrats make the rules and Republicans obediently agree to them — no negotiation allowed.

Some conservative pundits believe Trump’s quick acceptance of the challenge to debate Joe Biden is a big win for him, because he called his bluff, but I wouldn’t count on it.  When someone challenges you to a debate where you know you will be outnumbered three to one and your mic will be cut off so you can’t respond to what is guaranteed to be a nonstop stream of lies from a cognitively impaired dufus, it’s hard to justify accepting such a challenge.

Nevertheless, a number of conservative pundits are saying that it doesn’t matter how much the dirty Dems stack the deck against Trump, he will destroy Biden regardless.  That’s probably true, but I’m always wary of underestimating Democrats, because they are so passionately focused on achieving their singular objective — achieving totalitarian control of all the levers of power.

If rational heads don’t prevail, and Trump actually takes part in two rigged debates, there are many things that are certain, including:  Biden will be given every question well in advance, the answers will be on notecards carefully arranged in front of him, and the radical-left moderators will shower him with affection and go after Trump with a vengeance.

Biden will be asked tough questions about his favorite ice cream, what life was like growing up in Scranton, whether it bothers him when Republicans and right-wing pundits lie about him, how he created such a strong economy, and the details of his (fictitious) blind date with Jill.

Some of the more obvious questions they will not ask Biden include:

  • Why he lied about Hunter’s laptop.
  • Why he won’t take a cognitive test.
  • Why he is not being criminally prosecuted for stealing classified documents over a 50-year period.
  • Why he reversed Trump’s border policies and allowed millions of unvetted people from all over the world to enter the United States illegally.
  • Why he once said forced busing would cause his children to “grow up in a racial jungle.”
  • Why he lied about Hunter not receiving money from China.
  • Why he keeps saying he inherited a 9 percent inflation rate when it was actually 1.4 percent.

Trump, on the other hand, can expect questions about his dalliances with Stormy Daniels, Karen McDougal, and E. Jean Carroll, the 91 criminal charges that have been filed against him, whether he has any remorse about leading an insurrection against America on January 6, and why anyone should vote for him when he has already promised he would be “a dictator on day one.”

The bottom line is that no matter how well Donald Trump performs, the Democrat-contrived debates are guaranteed to be ugly for him.  I’m not doubting that Biden will still manage to come across as the nasty old dunce that he is, but Democrats will nevertheless proclaim him to have won in a landslide if he does nothing more than stay on his feet for 90 minutes (or not fall off his chair, if Trump foolishly goes along with the demand that he and Biden sit at a table).  Like everything else the Democrats say, it will be shameful gaslighting, but that’s their stock in trade.

On the other hand, if they have to carry Joe off the debate stage on a stretcher and/or if the polls show Trump holding onto, or increasing, his commanding lead after the debates, the Dems are almost certain to quickly put their backup plan into place and give Biden his walking papers.  By having cleverly set an unheard-of early date for the first debate, this will give them plenty of time to make a big splash with a new candidate, which, to the chagrin of the race-grifting crowd, definitely will not be Kamala.

Of course, the odds are that even if Trump participates in the two sham debates on Democrat terms, it probably won’t make any difference in the outcome of the election, regardless of who the Dems settle on as their candidate.  At this point in time, it’s almost certain that Trump will get an overwhelming majority of legal votes.  It’s the illegal votes that Republicans need to be concerned about.

RNC chair Michael Whatley and co-chair Laura Trump have repeatedly stated that voter integrity is their number-one priority, but do they fully understand the brazen lawlessness they’re up against?  Do they understand that Democrats intend to get millions of illegals registered to vote, and that they will fight tooth and nail to thwart any effort to disqualify them?

On top of all this, the days of the singular October surprise are over.  This time around you can expect Democrat surprises every week between now and November 5.  The absurd indictments against Trump are early examples of what’s coming over the next five-and-a-half months.  And, of course, Democrats will accelerate their vote buying with stunts like forgiving student debt and continuing to shower goodies on their new (illegal) voter base.

On the hopeful side, if the RNC succeeds in its quest to dramatically reduce Democrat cheating and Donald Trump wins, it will surely be the most contested election result in American history.  The Democrat backlash will give new meaning to the term “election denier,” and you can be sure they will never, ever concede.  Further, once in office Democrats will fight ferociously to prevent Trump from governing.  And, yes, they will resort to violence.

That said, with the shocking success of Trump’s invasion of the South Bronx, he has absolutely no reason to take part in the debate traps Democrats are setting for him.  My advice:  Forget the debates, Donald, and continue to hold rallies in deep-blue states.  “Anytime, anywhere, anyplace” may sound cool, but it’s not very smart.

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