Economics Humor

by Dan Mitchell, reproduced with permission. Original here.

Economists may be dismal (or worse). And they definitely are lousy forecasters.

But the subject of economics lends itself to a bit of humor.

So, building on what I shared in March, here are five new examples.

We’ll start with a left-leaning economist commenting on inequality.

Next we have a supporter of Keynesian economics.

Next, we have a nice debunking of the silly 1619 theory.

For our fourth item, some clever person has adapted the kind of warning sign you might see at Yellowstone Park.

Per tradition, I’ve saved the best for last.

Here’s a very accurate summary of how Washington works.

This definitely belongs in this collection.

And on a more serious note, the last two images should remind us that higher taxes will simply lead to bigger and more bloated government.

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