Worst States to be a Gun Owner (2024 Updated)

Does your state support your 2nd Amendment rights or make it exceedingly difficult to keep and bear arms? We’ve ranked the worst states to be a gun owner below. How? By analyzing each state’s current laws, upcoming laws, concealed carry guidelines, self-defense statutes, and 2A-centric taxes in order to identify the worst states for gun owners in 2024.

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Report Highlights:

  • Hawaii is the #1 worst state for gun owners due to strict purchasing and carry laws, as well as defying the Supreme Court on the individual’s right to carry.
  • California is the #2 worst state for gun owners due to its permit-to-purchase and reciprocity laws.
  • New York, Illinois, and New Jersey take the #3#4, and #5 spot in our list of worst states for gun ownership due to strict purchasing and carrying requirements.
  • North Carolina, Maine, and Ohio fall into spots #25#24, and #23 due to new restrictive legislation with some relaxed carry laws.
  • Some states rank lower than others due to excessive infringements, additional taxes, and the current Governor’s 2A statements.
  • State and local laws defining Stand Your Ground vs. Duty to Retreat vary and should be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

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