US Territory to cancel contract over major voting discrepancies.

We’ve all been told how safe and unhackable the Dominion voting machines are. However, election officials in Puerto Rico are considering canceling their contract with Dominion for their 6,000 voting machines after hundreds of discrepancies were discovered in the recent primary.

A huge issue was the machines giving fake vote totals.

“The concern is that we obviously have elections in November, and we must provide the (island) not only with the assurance that the machine produces a correct result, but also that the result it produces is the same one that is reported,” said Election Commission President Jessika Padilla.

To compound the doubts in the machines’ integrity it has come to light that the motherboard (main control of the computer’s processor) was made in China and could be compromised from afar.

Questioning the outcome of election night 2020 brings derision from the left and a massive silencing from the MSM but enough people still wonder about this datapoint intercepted by the US Army prior to the cessation of counting in key counties.