A solar power idea that’s not dumb!

At SRC we do not believe that solar can ever contribute a significant amount of energy to a national grid. We also believe that the panels themselves are not environmentally friendly as they are made with many toxic elements that are difficult to extract and even more difficult to reclaim and reuse.

However, it makes sense under some circumstances to use them. How about this, smart use of space and panels? Keeps cyclists in the shade or out of rain, and generates energy for the grid. Most importantly, the panels aren’t being an eyesore in the countryside. Well done, South Korea.

These aren’t quite as aesthetically pleasing but they are very efficient. In Jersey, British Isles.

Using land set aside for other use, especially here on this runway where no one will see them is a great setting for solar panels. And as people see then daily, there’s a good chance they will be disposed of correctly when their life is over.