LockBit hackers claim they’re inside the Fed!!

Based on the information available, LockBit, a notorious ransomware group, has claimed to have hacked the US Federal Reserve. They have threatened to release 33 terabytes of sensitive banking data, including information they claim contains “Americans’ banking secrets.”

The group has given a deadline of today, June 25, 2024, for the Federal Reserve to meet their demands, which include hiring a new negotiator and firing the current one, whom they referred to as a “clinical idiot.”

LockBit is known for its aggressive tactics and has targeted high-profile organizations in the past. However, there are doubts about the credibility of their claims, with some cybersecurity experts suggesting that the group might be trying to garner attention for their ailing Ransomware-as-a-Service (RaaS) operation.

The Federal Reserve has not publicly confirmed or denied the alleged breach. If true, this attack could have significant implications for individual privacy, financial stability, and national security, given the Federal Reserve’s critical role in overseeing U.S. monetary policy and maintaining financial stability.

The situation is still developing, and cybersecurity experts and government agencies are likely closely monitoring for any evidence to substantiate LockBit’s claims.