Russia tells US Ambassador: “We are no longer at peace.” So Biden does this.

Biden is hellbent on dragging us into a war to justify his pay-offs from Ukraine and the military industrial complex.

“We clearly see who is behind this. Just last week, the President talked about who targets these technologically complex missiles and who ensures their launches. It’s not the Ukrainians,” Peskov told reporters.

Sputnik Globe

The Russian Foreign Ministry summoned the American ambassador on Monday to protest what it says was the use of U.S.-made advanced missiles in a Ukrainian attack on Russian-annexed Crimea that reportedly killed four people and wounded more than 150.

Washington “has effectively become a party” to the war on Ukraine’s side, the ministry said in a statement, adding, “Retaliatory measures will certainly follow.” It did not elaborate.

Biden – Adding fuel to the flames

The Biden administration is progressing towards lifting an unofficial prohibition on American military contractors being deployed to Ukraine. This move aims to assist Ukraine’s military in maintaining and repairing weapons systems provided by the US.

Watch Biden talk as though America is already fighting Russia.

Is a vote for Biden is a vote for nuclear war with Russia and China?

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