Biden Family discuss the future – criticized for “lust for power”

At Camp David, President Biden and his family discussed his future in the 2024 presidential race following a debate performance that raised concerns among Democrats.

Early rumors suggested he was going to quit.

However, Biden’s family, including his wife Jill and son Hunter, have encouraged him to remain in the race and continue his bid for reelection. As these are the people who have most control over him, and to whom he listens the most, it is very likely their views will prevail. Hunter, particularly needs his father to be at least “officially” sane in order that any pardons in his future are enforceable.

There are also numerous bureaucratic complications with Biden dropping out of the race as several states will not permit a replacement on the ballot.

They have also discussed whether any changes should be made to his top campaign advisers, whom they are currently blaming for the TV debacle last week.

There’s nothing wrong with him, is the left’s retort.

Meanwhile, Dr. Jill makes her point…

In another power move, Jill Biden is on the cover of Vogue saying, “We will decide our future.” It’s hard to imagine a more venal, undemocratic, and imperious statement.

It is interesting that the “President has a cold” excuse only surfaced during last week’s debate and the first thing they did afterwards is drag him to a Waffle House to breathe over members of the public.