Media: Gaslighting Is Here to Stay

There’s not much left to say about Donald Trump’s evisceration of Joe Biden in front of 51 million people, because every publication and media outlet has by now thoroughly dissected it.  There are, however, some loose ends I would like to clean up.

First of all, for leftwing media pundits to act shocked is beyond nauseating.  All it does is confirm once again that they never learn, which is underscored by the fact that even their negative assessment of Biden wreaked of gaslighting.  Obviously, they are fully aware they’ve been covering up for his rotted brain for years, so they deserve no credit for rising up in unison and calling on him to step aside.  If they wanted to gain a modicum of credibility, every one of them would apologize to their viewers for lying about mush-melon Joe since he was sworn into office in 2021.

Personally, I didn’t think Biden had a particularly bad debate night, because the Joe Biden I saw was pretty much the same Joe Biden I’ve observed for at least the past four years.  He always walks like Frankenstein’s monster, he always mumbles unintelligibly, he always alternates between yelling and whispering, he’s always angry, and he always has weird and lost expressions on his face.  So, I don’t agree with media hacks who say he was off his game for a night.  What you witnessed is his game.

The fact that fake-news pundits immediately started insisting that Trump was guilty of a nonstop stream of lies during the debate again made it clear they have learned nothing from their past mistakes and have no intention of changing course.  While there were a few Trumpian exaggerations, I didn’t hear any black-and-white lies come out of Donald Trump’s mouth.  Nor did I hear anyone give a single example of his lying.

Biden, on the other hand, was his usual sociopathic self, jumping from one outrageous lie to another throughout the debate.  A few of the more breathtaking whoppers included the “fine people” Charlottesville lie (which even Jake Tapper, one of the moderators, debunked long ago), the stunning lie that not one U.S. soldier has died under his watch, and perhaps, most embarrassing of all, that the Border Patrol has endorsed him, which brought a quick Border Patrol Union response on X, to wit:  “To be clear, we never have and never will endorse Biden.”

In fairness to Joe Biden, it is well known in psychiatric circles that unchecked lying can morph into self-delusion and cause sociopathic and psychopathic liars to lose their ability to discern fact from fiction.  As the brain decays, it’s hard for the habitual liar to separate lies from truth.  Biden has been lying for so long that it’s become a reflex reaction he obviously cannot control.

But let’s be kind-hearted and cut him some slack when he does something good, and he did two remarkable things during and after the debate.  First, he made Jackal Jill proud by answering every question during the debate.  What a good boy!  Second, he didn’t poop in his diapers during the debate (that we know of), which undoubtedly thrilled her even more.

To add to the Democrats’ problems, the Supreme Court’s immunity ruling brings Donald Trump one big step closer to having all of the lawfare indictments against him thrown out.  The ruling brought a quick response from Crooked Joe’s puppeteers, who marched him in front of the teleprompters and had him read a hate-filled, lie-filled spiel in yet another effort to endanger democracy by undermining the Supreme Court.

To make matters even more interesting, corrupt Judge Juan Merchan delayed Trump’s sentencing to September 18, which means it won’t prevent him from appearing at the Republican National Convention.  Why would Merchan do this?  Can’t say for sure, but one possibility is that if Trump goes to prison in late September, it’s nearer to the election and will be fresh in people’s minds when they cast their votes.  Just a guess, but rest assured Democrats never do anything unless they believe it will increase their chances of achieving more power.  In this case, it won’t.

Finally, the word is that when the Biden crime family met at Camp David to discuss the Big Guy’s crumbling situation, Jackel Jill and Hotshot Hunter were very vocal about wanting Joe to stay in the race.  Which is understandable, because if Joe is no longer in office, all hell could break loose for the Biden crime family and their decades-long bribery and money-laundering operation.  Plus, without Joe in office, Hunter has nothing of value to sell.

That said, if Biden insists on staying the course, don’t allow yourself to be fooled just because so many Democrats have, out of desperation, publicly called for him to step aside.  Consider what New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman said of Joe:  “Joe Biden, a good man and a good president, has no business running for re-election.”  Huh?  So even when saying Biden should not run, the gaslighting remains.

Sorry, Thomas, but Biden is not a good man, and he’s the worst president in U.S. history.  The fact is that Joe Biden is a foul, mean-spirited, callous liar who is corrupt to the core.  Every day he is in office, the United States moves one day closer to becoming a totalitarian country, because he will continue to do whatever radical leftists instruct him to do.  The man is totally devoid of morals or principles.

We should never forget that the Democrats’ main business is to manufacture votes, so they will always take the course of action that most helps them achieve that objective.  Which means that no matter who their candidate is, the Dems will throw their full support behind him/her and try to gaslight away all of that candidate’s flaws.

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