Dem Senator “pivots” as Biden digs in

Yesterday we ran this piece about the Democrat forces coming for Joe. The most outspoken was Senator Mark Warner of Virginia, a former governor of the state who must think, as a younger contender, that he has a shot at the White House ticket one day. Maybe soon.

Well after Joe went all over the media claiming he wasn’t going anywhere, Warner had to backtrack, pinning his colors to Joe’s mast with his weaselly, “I am proud of my work on his agenda” post, below.

Commentators from within the MSM did not see it as groveling enough.  “On a day where key Virginia Democrats heaped praise on Biden, the tone of Warner’s statement was more tepid than most.” said USA Today.

This was the senior senator’s first public statement since his move to form a coalition of Democratic senators to urge Biden to withdraw from the race in lieu of a stronger Democratic candidate.