Caulking a loose bathtub

Got a gap appearing around the perimeter of the tub and bathroom sink? Grout dries out with age, and tends to crumble. A leak in this area can be a messy project, but there’s a quick solution: elastic bathtub sealant. As always with home improvements, the secret lies in the preparation.

Remove the crumbling grout by probing it loose from the crack with a screwdriver or penknife, brushing out all the little pieces with a wire brush, and then rubbing the area clean with witch hazel or rubbing alcohol.

Once the area you want to seal is clean and dry, place the nozzle of the tube into the crack and squeeze the sealant into place along the perimeter. Wet your finger, or use a spatula to smooth it down. The bathtub will be ready to use within an hour, and is completely waterproof. Putting pressure on the seal before it is dry will cause it to split or peel away from the wall.

Hardware stores such as Home Depot carry a range of colored sealants to match most bathroom sets.

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