Be Prepared for a Blackout

When the power in your house and neighborhood goes out, follow the tips on this list in order to conserve as much possible adn stay safe.


1. Keep a flashlight available in working condition at all

2. Be careful about using candles. They can be fire

3. Turn off all unnecessary appliances which were in use
when the power went out. Leave the water pump, furnace,
refrigerator and freezer turned on. Turn off air
conditioning units, however.

4. Turn off all lights except perhaps one to signal you
when power is restored.

5. Keep the refrigerator and freezer closed during the
power outage to keep from losing the cold air.

6. Avoid flushing toilets or using excessive water if the
home has its own water pump. Small amounts of water can be
drawn periodically over a long period of time if the water
system was at full pressure when the power went out.

With a city water system, water will probably still
be available in limited quantity when the power goes out.
A toilet can be flushed manually by pouring a bucket of
water directly into the stool.