Be Prepared for a Brownout

Because brownouts are designed to happen by the power suppliers who deliberately reduce voltage occasionally in order to make us use less, it is in our direct power when we get it back, no pun intended. If you follow all of these guidlines and do your part to use less power during the brownout along with everyone else in your area, the problem will get solved faster, and you’ll get more power sooner.


A brownout occurs when the power supplier reduces
electrical voltage. This is done to force our appliances
and lights to use less electrical power (watts). The
lights will dim slightly. Generally, voltage reductions
are advertised on radio and television. When they occur
take the following steps:

1. Turn off all lights and appliances except those which
are absolutely necessary.

2. Delay jobs like dishwashing and laundry until after the
brownout is over.

3. Turn off all air conditioning if it is operating,
unless it is necessary for a person’s health.

4. If you have an electric range, plan meals which require
a minimum of cooking.

If everyone will cooperate and reduce electrical
consumption, the duration of the brownout will be reduced.
It is also important to continue to conserve energy
immediately following the brownout or voltage reductions
may again have to be put into effect.