Protect yourself: How to correctly gouge an assailant’s eyes

Eye Gouge – A Serious Game of Poker

We are going to look at how to poke your attacker in the eyes. After all, if an attacker can’t see you, there is a good chance he won’t hurt you. You’re going to need to draw an ugly face to practice on. We will also look at the element of surprise and timing to increase the chances of a successful outcome.

Only as an absolute last resort should you use “The Eye Gouge” technique. You stand an extremely good chance of permanently damaging the eyes of your attacker. In an extreme situation, consider what may happen if you don’t.

The eye gouge is very easy to master. The hardest part is getting yourself to do it.

Here’s how it’s done:

The Eye Gouge

  1. Use two fingers on just one hand — your pointer finger and middle finger.
  2. Point them straight out, folding the remaining two fingers out of the way.
  3. Place your thumb on top of the remaining fingers to keep them out of the way.
  4. Spread your pointer finger and the middle finger, and stiffen them.

Congratulate yourself, for you have just made the universal peace sign. Now give your attacker a very close look at it. Aim straight for the eyes, and just do it – strike!

You don’t need a 100% direct hit. It does however, need to be close to it.

The eyes are set back in the head slightly and have rounded bones surrounding them. These bones will act like a funnel and guide your fingers in on their path of destruction. What you do have to be accurate with is surprise and timing (we will look at them in a minute).

As always, don’t hang around, take off, hit the road and disappear. It’s important to note here that this must be done FAST like a snake striking its prey.

In short:

  1. Peace.
  2. Poke.
  3. Run.

Give the following idea some thought…

Create a distraction

If your hands are free, try to somehow create a distraction. Example: Touch something on your face, maybe scratch your nose or cover your mouth (to scream). Doing this brings your hand closer to your attacker’s eyes. Your fingers will have less distance to travel when you strike. It will also allow less time for your attacker to react… very important.

Do this silly little exercise now:

 Try it on paper

Have a bit of fun here. Get yourself a piece of paper and roughly draw a really ugly life-size face on it. Draw the two eyes (crossed), nose (crooked), three pieces of hair (sticking up) and a mouth with lots of bent and missing teeth.

With one hand, hold your work-of-art up and out in front of you at about three-quarters of your arms length. Imagine that the picture is your attacker. Now is the time to reach up with your other hand. Scratch your nose, brush your hair back, or cover your nose or mouth (distraction) and then think like a snake.

Use the same striking speed as a Cobra. As quickly as you can, reach out with your fingers apart, hit and run.

The eye gouge technique can be done with great speed can’t it? Speed is just about all that you need for this to work. No strength is required.

 The element of surprise and good timing are vitally important!

You could pretend to be hurt and exaggerate it to the hilt (you may not have to, too much). Go for an academy award. You could even pretend to pass out or maybe pretend to faint, be dazed, stunned or in shock.

Your plan should be to get your attacker to lower his guard and relax a little. Stop and think about this for a minute. See if you can come up with a way to APPEAR beaten while at the same time position yourself for a strike.

Now timing steps into the arena. This is just as, if not more, important than using the element of surprise. Keep up your acting; imagine your work of art is in front of you. It may help you to see your attacker’s face as your ugly drawing. Scratch your nose and when he’s close, still, and off guard, STRIKE and then get out of there.

 Points to remember: Only when all else fails should you use this technique and by all means, do it right! Also, remember that you stand a good chance of permanently damaging your attacker’s eyes. And of cranking up the pressure and just pissing him off, triggering more violence. BUT in an extreme situation, consider what may happen if you don’t! The element of surprise, and good timing, are vitally important. If you don’t like the idea of poking someone in the eyes, it may help you to see your attacker’s face as your ugly drawing. Finally…

A good attack is like a car crash, if you walk away from it… be happy!