The pepper spray ‘stunt double’

Ouch! Pepper spray

This is probably the safest and definitely the easiest technique to master, because once you have read this article, it will be in your memory forever. There’s only one problem, like all weapons, if you haven’t got it, you can’t use it. However, the pepper spray stunt double is well worth mentioning anyway.

What is a pepper spray stunt double?

We’re talking about fly spray, perfume, under arm deodorant or breath freshener. Just about anything that can be sprayed from one of those pressurized tin cans, or pump action containers can be used.

It can be at least as painful as getting soap in your eyes. We’ve all – I suspect – had that excruciating experience. It’s difficult to think of anything else other than: get it out, get, get it out ah-h, ah-h, ah-hwlch!

If you hit the mark with a spray to the face, any ideas an attacker has of assaulting you are – for a short time at least – gone. This can give you just enough time to get away.

For best results hold the spray approximately 12-inches or 300mm from the attacker’s face (much closer than you would hold real pepper spray). At the exact same time as you press the trigger, scream as loud as you can… very, very loudly.

The shock from your scream will have the attacker’s eyes wide-open and not ready for a quick dose of spray. You should spray and run!

Although he will be helpless for a few seconds, don’t wait around to find out. Leave in a big hurry, spray and run like mad.

There’s nothing wrong with running away if it means you get to stay on this planet a bit longer… right? So, carry some kind of spray with you all of the time.

When possible, carry some kind of spray with you in a bag. The spray should be a spray that you already use for something else like; hair spray, fly spray, or breath freshener. Sand and dirt can work too.

If you are out on your own and you think you’re being followed, look around you for some sand or really dry dirt. Grab one and a half handful of it and put it in your pocket. If you don’t have any pockets, grab two hands full and just walk along ready to scream, throw, and run.

Wait for him to open his eyes

Have you ever noticed that when someone gets sand in their eyes, they close them tightly, then try to open them widely, as if to try and see what’s in them?

Well… you can use this knowledge to your advantage. If you don’t think you scored a direct hit with your first handful of sand, you can wait a second or two for him to open his eyes. When he does – whack! The second handful of sand gets thrown. Time to run.


Because these sprays are a part of your day-to-day life, anyway, you won’t need to remember to carry them as a weapon, like you would a gun, for example. All you need to do is remember to use them. Also, be aware of where these pressurized cans and sprayers are in your home. Make a mental map in your mind. Finally, remember to scream, so he opens his eyes, spray and then run.