Saving the world…one napkin at a time

Naturally Cozy, a family based company working out of Idaho, has found a new homemade product for the market that will help you reduce your carbon footprint, save money for years to come, and truly become self reliant in an emergency situation. You may like their idea so much you choose to use their product all the time!

Have you ladies ever considered how much paper is wasted on disposable sanitary napkins and tampons? Let alone their high costs, these products cause waste and we can’t help but contribute. Until now!

Try these washable sanitary napkins. They are homemade with multiple absorbent layers and a waterproof lining, and they come with washing instructions.

At $9.50 per pad, you are estimated to use between 20 and 30 of these in a lifetime. The average woman spends $2,300 on disposable paper napkins in her life. Naturally Cozy is potentially saving you two grand! That’s $2,000 you could spend on any number of more enjoyable, less bothersome things!

Try them today!