Kicking that cold and stopping your runny nose

Runny_noseThe most common symptom for cold sufferers is a runny nose. A really bad runny nose can make it hard to function as you constantly reach for the tissues.

Gently blowing your nose is the first step toward making yourself feel better. You should also try placing a mentholated salve under your nose. Menthol is widely known to help open up nasal passages. It also contains a mild numbing agent which can help relieve pain if you’ve rubbed your nose raw.

Switch it up
A change in temperature can also help clear out your nasal packages. Applying a warm washcloth or a cold ice pack to the bridge of your nose can help make you feel more comfortable. Drinking warm liquids can have the same effect. A hot shower or bath will help moisturize and drain your nasal passages, while simultaneously relaxing you and making you more comfortable.