How to unclog your drains

sink drainFixing a slow-emptying bathroom lavatory

Usually the problem is hair and soap curds caught in the stopper. Check first to be sure all the other drains
in the house are working. If a regular rubber stopper is used, the hair is probably hanging on the screen in the
drain pipe just below the stopper. Take the screen out and clean it.

Next use a plunger which applies first pressure and then suction to the plugged drain. To provide the suction
and pressure, smear a good layer of petroleum jelly on the edge of the rubber stopper. Then plug the overflow
with a wet rag so the air will not short circuit through the overflow pipe. Pump the plunger to loosen the
stoppage. If this loosens the plug, rinse the drain with hot soapy water.

If the screen can’t be removed and the plunger does not seem to help, try removing the hair and trash.

Take a piece of wire (a regular hair pin, bobby pin, or thin coat hanger), and put a very short bend on one end
maybe 1/4″ or less. If the piece of wire is very short, bend the other end so you can hold onto the wire and turn
it without dropping it. Work the hair back out of the drain. This may take patience until it is all out.

After all the hair has been removed, flush several cups of hot water down the drain. This should allow the  bowl to empty.