How to break an attacker’s finger

Self defense handsBreaking a Finger Made Easy

The following finger breaking technique – although it could stop an attacker – should be seen as a method for slowing someone down. Breaking a finger will make it very difficult for the person to use that hand – whether it be for grabbing, holding, or for hitting.

Breaking a finger may seem pretty straightforward. There are however, a few little tricks of the trade that you will find useful.

Grab a finger that is easy to get, and do so as fast as you can. It is VERY important for a successful outcome that the person NOT become aware of your intentions until it is too late. If he works out what you are trying to do, he will almost certainly be able to stop it from happening. His reflexes will be too fast for your move. He will close his hand into a fist and probably use it on you.

When you are trying to break a finger, you should be trying to break it near where the finger meets the hand.

If you can, bend it to the side, NOT back… it will break much easier that way.

Try bending your little finger (carefully) to the left, to the right, and right back. Discover for yourself which way works best. When you bend it, the less flexible it is, the better your chances are of breaking it. Notice when you bend it to the side it stops more sharply than any other direction.

The middle finger is the next easiest to break. The problem is, you really need to bend it back, to break it. As you have discovered, this makes the job a little harder, due to the extra effort involved. At the end of the day, grab whichever finger is easiest to get a good grip on, without being caught in the act!


After the Break

Once a finger is broken, keep holding it for an extra second or two. Look at the whole exercise as being like a quick handshake with a twist. Twist the broken finger and shake it around! Doing this will increase the pain factor for your attacker.

Some people can cope with broken bones more than others, so you really want to give him something to cope with.



Be VERY READY to back up this finger breaking technique with a second or even third, but DIFFERENT strike technique. It really depends on the situation.

You will find that breaking your attacker’s finger, either stops him or just pisses him off.

Oh yes, it takes 6 to 8 weeks to heal a broken finger. Your attacker will be reminded of his foolishness, on a daily basis for at least 6 weeks. With a bit of luck, he will learn something, and that being… Don’t mess with people who have been to the SelfRelianceCentral website!

If you decide to use this finger breaking technique, remember to do it in one smooth movement and at lightening fast speed.

  • One continuous movement: see, grab, and break.

Does the mere thought of breaking someone’s finger make you feel like throwing your guts up? Breaking an attacker’s finger will be much easier once you learn how to trick your conscious mind into giving you permission to do it.

First let’s look into your mind. Imagine, right now, in your mind’s eye, you reaching out and grabbing hold of a finger and twisting it until it snaps.

What was your experience? Were you OK with it or did it make you feel a little uneasy in the stomach? If you felt OK, you can skip the rest of this article… otherwise, read on and let’s see what we can do to change your way of thinking.

Now, this time imagine that you are out in the forest camping. You are trying to start a fire, because it’s getting dark and the dark scares you. In preparation, you are wandering around in the brush collecting leaves, sticks and wood for your soon-to-be, campfire from hell. You see a dead tree; you reach over and break a small branch off that you think would be just right for your fire… snap!

How did you feel this time? Unless you’re a tree loving hippie, you would have busted that branch clean off with a clear conscience and no negative feelings!

The difference between breaking a branch on a tree and breaking the finger of an attacker is only in your mind. Negative thoughts can be changed and here’s how…


Negative thought defense

When you feel a little uneasy in the stomach, do the following very quickly.

  1. Say “NO” to yourself, with a bit of anger in your voice.
  2. Take hold of the negative thought, clench your teeth, and with all your might, throw it as hard as you can, over the horizon.
  3. Fire off a really big nuclear bomb. Clearly see the bomb following right behind the negative thought.
  4. Now, clearly see the thought (over the horizon) BLOW UP, bits of it going off in all directions.
  5. Repeat step 1 to 4 three or four times, slowly and clearly.

Who said nuclear bombs are good for nothing?

This little trick works amazingly well to dispose of negative counter-productive thoughts.

It may sound silly, but it works. Sometimes the thought comes back. Just throw it again and it will soon realize that it is no longer welcome, and it will stay away. Always replace it with a new and more useful thought.



To successfully break a finger, you need to be quick.  The smallest finger is the easiest to break.  Bend it to the side, not back. The middle finger is the next easiest to break, but it needs to be bent back.  In short, grab whichever finger is easiest to get a good grip on, without being caught in the act!