Using pressure points to your advantage

Pressure points on handControl Point Pressure Tactic

Control point pressure tactic. If someone tries to take you somewhere by grabbing your arm, hand, hair or any other part of you, they can be persuaded otherwise with this control point pressure tactic.

The following is a simple control point pressure tactic that is quick and easy to learn, and will help you to break a grip that someone has on you. If you ever have someone grab you and try to make you go somewhere with him or her, try this:

Place four fingertips of your strongest hand, on the bottom side of the grabbing wrist – along their wrist, not across. Your fingers should be right on top of the grabber’s visible blood vessels.

At the same time, place the thumb across the wrist, but on the other side. If the grabber is wearing a watch, your thumb will cover the time. Now, the only thing left to do is press very hard, gripping with the tips of your fingers. Use your thumb on the back for leverage. This control point pressure tactic weakens the grip and makes it easier for you to break free.

Try this control point pressure tactic on yourself:

  • Fingers up and down ways.
  • Thumb across on the other side.
  • Grip with just enough pressure to get the idea.

The gripped hand should feel as if the blood has stopped flowing. It should also feel a little numb.

In short: If you are grabbed by someone, use the above control point pressure tactic to help break their grip. Put four fingers on one side and your thumb on the other. Then pull, twist, and shake until the grip is broken.