File this under: “Why didn’t I think of that?”

In Hong Kong, Pizza Hut thinks it can do more than just bring food to your front door. It wants to deliver your entertainment for the evening, too. Look at these amazingly simple pizza boxes. They convert into pseudo movie projectors.

Designed by Ogilvy Hong Kong, the advertising stunt uses boxes with a perforated, pop-out hole in the side of the box. A very unique pizza table (also called a pizza protector) then serves as the projector’s lens.

Slip the plastic lens into the hole, and then use the pizza table’s legs to prop up your smartphone inside the box. The contraption then blows up your smartphone’s display onto any nearby wall.

I’m sure we don’t need to go to Hong Kong to reverse engineer a pizza box and a lens. Especially as a Dollar Shop magnifying lens will do the trick. Remember you probably need your speaker attachment and don’t really use a pizzabox unless you’re good with wiping grease off your phone for a few weeks! And the quality won’t be great. But it’s a neat no-mains power solution that could be fun on a camping trip.

The Squirrel says: WTiny Squirrelhen light passes though a lens, it gets flipped, which means the picture from your projector will come out upside down. So, if you’re using an iPhone go to Settings > General > Accessibility and turn on AssistiveTouch. Once activated, a little white orb will pop that you can drag around the screen. Click  on the orb and go to Device > Rotate Screen. This lets you flip applications like the Photos app which would normally rotate itself right side up. Andriod users can download the app Ultimate Rotation Control.