Charge your car for free.

FIAT Watts UPWe all like getting stuff for free, right? And if you have an electric car you’re already in the market for bargain transportation costs.

So you’re going to love this new deal from Volta Industries out of California and Hawaii. You can charge your car for free! They are going to make their money from advertising at the charging station.

So if you live in the California San Francisco-San Diego area, there are now 100 stations across five cities for free electric car charging service underwritten by ‘socially responsible’ brands like Macy’s, Whole Foods Market, and Sungevity.

Of course, we’re always a glass half full when it comes to electricity. Our aging power grid is not reliable enough for even free electricity. So be sure to have a back-up. Solar-powered generators are a great option. Watch this space for more on them!