Weight loss clothing! Are you freaking serious?

The weight-loss method that’s been hiding in plain sight!

Thin Ice Weight Loss from Thin Ice Weight Loss on Vimeo.

This is amazing new technology. And the inventor is looking for investments on Indiegogo – RIGHT NOW which means you can get your hands on these really soon. Here’s how the science works.

How the metabolic hack works

Did you know you can trick your body into thinking it’s in a colder environment than it actually is by stimulating specific regions with cold temperatures? This creates a cascade of responses in your body that kick your metabolism into overdrive, This let’s you burn unwanted fat and get leaner, all while letting your body do the work for you!

Wait, won’t I feel cold?

Don’t worry, this stimulation is so mild you’ll forget all about it after just a few seconds of adaptation. The same concept is at play every time you wade into a pool. You feel cold for a few seconds and then the sensation vanishes. The pool doesn’t warm up, it’s your body that warms up from within to counteract its new environment. Besides, if you do feel the chill you can always adjust the temperature of your Thin Ice clothing to accommodate your comfort level. At Thin Ice, we want to have a long-term weight-loss management relationship with you. It’s not in our best interest to scare you away by making you uncomfortably cold!

How Does Thin Ice Clothing Harness the Metabolism Hack? 

The Thin Ice insole and vest target regions of your body with high concentrations of thermoreceptors. These neural receptors alert your body to the presence of cold, triggering a metabolic response that generates heat in your core.

As the core’s blood warms, it then must be pumped all the way to the extremities where the cold influence is being felt. The best part of this process is that your body does all this calorie-expensive work automatically without you even having to think about it.

The tissue pathway responsible for this heat generation is called the Brown Adipose Tissue (BAT) pathway and it basically functions as your body’s internal thermostat. Even in room temperature, roughly 50% of your daily calories are burnt for no other reason than to keep your body at a comfortable temperature.

Notice that you don’t undergo shivering in room temperature. This is because the BAT-pathway is completely different than the shivering mechanism. Thin Ice stimulates BAT and will not make you shiver. This allows Thin Ice’s patent-pending weight-loss technology to help you burn excess calories while being hidden discretely in clothing and apparel items.

Besides the scientific articles on the subject matter there are also a plethora of anecdotal examples of the same temperature-related weight-loss effects at play. One of the most salient examples is that of Michael Phelps’ diet as he trained for the Beijing Olympics. During that time he ate the 12,000 calories seen below on a daily basis:

Phelps was able to eat all of that (6 times more than the average person) while staying ripped. Only about half this calorie intake is explainable by his exercise regime and basal metabolic rate. The tweight loss clothinghousands of missing calories are accounted for by considering Phelps trained in a pool as opposed to land for 4 hours a day. Water is 14 times more thermally conductive than air is. This means heat was leaving Phelps’ body much faster than it would have if he was on land leading to massive calorie burning to create heat to keep him warm. This is the exact same process that is at play with Thin Ice products, albeit without the sogginess!

This weight-loss method has been hiding in plain sight throughout our struggles and failed weight-loss attempts. Don’t let it sneak away again!  Click here to see more.