Contact lenses: Don’t let bad habits affect your eyes

Clean-Contact-Lens-Cases-Infographic11Proper lens care guidelines and hygiene should always be followed to help preserve contact lenses, as well as one’s eyes and vision.

When putting lenses in:

Always wash and dry hands before handling contact lenses. It is best to use a mild soap that doesn’t contain lotions, perfumes or cosmetics. After rinsing hands, dry them with a clean, lint-free towel.

Always inspect the lens before putting it in your eye. Make sure it is moist, clean, clear and free of any nicks, tears or debris. Never use a lens that is damaged or dirty. After inserting your lenses, empty, clean and rinse the contact lens case using fresh cleaning solution. Prop both the case and caps open face-down to let them air dry. Avoid letting the case dry in a humid place or near a toilet.

When taking lenses out:

Regularly remove, clean and disinfect contact lenses as directed by an eye care provider.

Again, always remember to wash and dry your hands before removing the lenses.

If you wear lenses that are designed to be worn for longer than one day, always use fresh solution to clean and store the lenses. Never re-use old solution or water to clean and store the lenses.

If you wear lenses that are designed to only be worn for one day, discard the lens at the end of the day and open a new one the next time.

 The CDC is promoting recommended health practices for contact lens wearers to help reduce eye infections and complications.  1-800 Contacts recommends that contact lens wearers always change their lenses on time and always observe proper lens care guidelines and hygiene for best results with their lenses.

Lens case care

We all know we’re supposed to clean our contact lenses, but what about our lens case? When you don’t follow the proper steps to clean a case it can become a breeding ground for bacteria, possibly transferring to your lenses and causing an infection.

The following steps will help keep your lenses fresh and your eyes healthy:

  1. After you put in your contacts, empty all solution from the case (never re-use solution).
  2. Rinse the case with clean contact lens solution and rub the inside with your clean fingers.
  3. Allow the case to air dry upside down without the caps on until you’re ready to store the lenses again. If your case has silver nitrate lining, keep the caps on.
  4. If necessary, you can put the contact lens case in the dishwasher occasionally to disinfect it. Alternatively, you can place the case in boiling water for five minutes to sterilize it.
  5. Replace your case every three months. Every order from 1-800 CONTACTS includes a free case (except dailies).


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