Can a good guy with a gun beat an armed bad guy? Check out this investigation.

WFFA screenshot. Conference room scenarioGreat test to Wayne LaPierre’s assertion that the only thing that can stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.

These test scenarios were run by Texan local ABC affiliate WFFA. WFAA conducted the exercise at a vacant office building near Lewisville. All of the volunteers admitted they were nervous, but were eager to see how they would perform.

They all knew they would be involved in three different scenarios in which they would have to encounter an assailant with a gun. Everyone was armed with helmets, goggles and training pistols with plastic pellets.

Their “good guys” — all of whom have concealed handgun licenses — are:

  • Brian Martin, 30, of Lewisville, who has 10 hours of training 
  • Matthew Beeman, 41, of Denton County, who has six hours of training
  • Mary Bannan, 67, of Lantana, who has 25 hours of training
  • Royce Hardin, 68, of Lantana, who has the most experience — 50 hours of training

In charge of the exercise was Travis Bond, the managing member of the DFW Shooters Academy in Highland Village, an instructor with 32 years of training and law enforcement experience.

The “bad guy with a gun” was Shawn Clary, a SWAT team member and tactical instructor with 22 years experience. Clary was carrying a semi-automatic AR-15 that also shot plastic pellets.

The overall lessons: Conceal Carry. Train. Prepare. Practice. Practice some more.