A Minimalist’s Guide: How to Do More With Less Space


MinimilizeWith the tiny home craze circulating through TV shows and Internet articles, it’s safe to say that minimalism has found its primetime. More and more people want to downsize and live simpler, but if you’re used to 2,000 square feet, downsizing can be daunting. Here are some tips from leading designers.

Over at Modernize, they love the minimalist approach to living simply, and we have a few tips to do more with your small space.

The Clutter Snowball Effect

It’s a no-brainer that less space means you’ll have less room for your possessions. But it’s easy to wake up one day and find yourself living in clutter.
It happens to all of us. That’s because clutter attracts clutter. What starts out as a junk drawer becomes a catch-all, and can transform into a junk closet or room.

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To keep clutter in check, combat it with superior organization systems. For small closets, use stacking or spinning shoe racks, or hang a plastic organizer over the door. Sort your wardrobe with a shelving unit to utilize all of your space, and install shelves to store purses and accessories. For media centers and game rooms, use decorative baskets to house miscellaneous items, and tuck them into a shelving unit or cubby system.

Utilize Wasted Space

Use all of the space you can, from floor to ceiling. Give every item a home, and when you make a new purchase, brainstorm where you would like to keep it. If you don’t have space, go through your items and decide what you can sell or donate.

Get creative when creating storage solutions. The area behind your door? You can set up a skinny bookshelf no deeper than the doorframe, so that the door still fully opens. Use it to store knick-knacks, art, small items and toys. You can also install a shelf over the door frame for more storage options. Use
wasted space under the stairs by installing a set of drawers or small closet.

Create the Illusion of Space

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Installing an outdoor living space, like a wrap-around patio or garden area will make you feel like you have
place to get some air and natural light, so you don’t feel confined by a small space, but rather liberated.

Additionally, you can replace doors with sliding walls that open and close to generate a flow. This turns
still allows for a sense of privacy when you need it. You can also substitute curtains for sliding walls.

Turn Your Bed Into a Loft

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Maximize square footage in smaller places by lofting your bed. Raising your bed will allow you to utilize the space beneath for a variety of purposes. You can select a desk with a ton of storage and slide it under the loft to create a home office. Or, if you’ve given up on the dream of a walk-in closet, you can have faith again and install one in the empty space. Other ideas include a play area for children or a library.

Have Fun With Accent Colors

Keeping your décor simple is great advice when you have a smaller space, but that doesn’t mean your interior design has to be boring. Take advantage of accent colors to add fun pops around the house, from throw pillows on the couch to an interesting paint color on a shelving unit. This vibrance will lift
your spirits, making it easier to appreciate what you have and how simply you’re living.