So you got your conceal carry, now what?

In this video Michael Martin, author of Concealed Carry and Home Defense, and Tim Schmidt, aka Tactical Tim and president and founder of the USCCA, speak to users about the top ten concealed carry mistakes, don’ts and blunders which many responsibly armed Americans can often find themselves falling into.

This quick and easy concealed carry video could be the difference between life and death, being in jail or the ability to walk away a free citizen. The United States Concealed Carry Association is the number one resource for the responsibly armed American to educate, train, equip, and insure themselves to carry a weapon in self-defense.

The full list of the top ten mistakes is:

#1 Selecting the Wrong Firearm for You
#2 Making a Personal Protection Plan Only About Firearms Training and Not About Conflict Avoidance and Situational Awareness
#3 Finding the Right Gun but the Wrong Holster
#4 Believing You’ve Ever Had Enough Training
#5 Doing the Wrong Kind of Training
#6 Not Preparing for the Legal and Financial Aftermath of a Self Defense Shooting
#7 Not Testing Your Self Defense Ammo
#8 Not Building Consistency into Your Carry Practices
#9 Not Properly Maintaining Your Carry Gun and Ammunition
#10 Not Understanding Your State’s Laws or the Laws of States You Might Visit

To See All Top Ten Mistakes of Concealed Carry visit the USCCA UNITED STATES CONCEALED CARRY ASSOCIATION http://www.ConcealedCarryTrainingVide…