Dropping your carry or range bag into your car with a firearm in it is not secure storage 

Although this item is intended for law enforcement, I thought you might like to learn more about this safety gadget. You can use it while transporting your firearm in a vehicle, or when you can’t put it in a gun safe for some reason. 

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GunBlocker aims to prevent criminals from using stolen firearms

We have seen an increasing number of firearms thefts from law enforcement over the last few months. Dropping your carry or range bag into your car with a firearm in it is not secure storage. So how can cops take better measures to prevent criminal use of a firearm? If you don’t have the option of installing a gun safe in your car for whatever reason (maybe because it is a rental or rideshare car), gunBlocker offers two products that can prevent use of a firearm even if it is stolen.

Their handgun lock is designed to fit just about any pistol from .380/9mm to .45 and is made up of three pieces: the blocker, the barrel lock, and the installation tool, or “key.”

To lock your pistol, you insert the male part of the barrel block into the female part of the key and set it aside. Next you fit the blocker through the ejection port and into the barrel. Holding it in place, you slide the key into the barrel to screw the barrel block into the blocker. After this is done, the device not only blocks the magazine well, barrel, and action, but also locks the slide to the frame. Even if your pistol is stolen, it is a useless brick.

The parts are made in the USA of military-grade polymer with a hardened steel rod inside of the barrel lock to prevent drilling it out or breaking it off. Note that the key looks like a nondescript swizzle stick and probably can be safely stored in your junk drawer.

The male part on the barrel lock that fits into the key is not a standard shape; there are thousands of combinations meaning that one key cannot be used with a different barrel lock. Keyed-alike sets can be purchased. MSRP is $20, and agency discounts and group buys are available from the manufacturer. In addition to supplying these to your officers, you also may want to use this device for training and fundraising.

The company also makes a lock for ARs that fits into the mag well and has a steel rod that inserts into the bolt to prevent removal. This device also locks the upper and lower together.