Homicide bomber? Look for the signs


The following are signs that might indicate a homicide bomber or terrorist.

Photo: United States Army Alaska (USARAK), Fort Richardson. Public Domain
Photo: United States Army Alaska (USARAK), Fort Richardson. Public Domain

Remember, we are all responsible for remaining vigilant. Listen to that inner voice that nags at you when something is not quite right but you can’t put your finger on what it is. And remember too, that sometimes people are just strange – unusual behavior might not be criminal. The trick here is to assess the situation in context. And if in doubt, call 911 and report your suspicions.

Here are some signs the police will take seriously:

  • The clothing is out of sync with the weather conditions. For instance, it is a hot day and the individual is wearing a heavy coat that obscures his/her body. You may not uncover a biothreat but you might identify a shooter.
  • Carrying an unusual piece of luggage that doesn’t fit the picture.
  • Obvious disguise such as police officer’s uniform with the wrong insignia
  • Profuse sweating
  • Light colored skin where a beard may have been shaved off.
  • Super-clean as though the person has taken a ritual cleansing rite.
  • The suspect won’t answer a direct question and remains focused on their journey. It’s as though they have tunnel vision.
  • A “pregnancy” bump without the peculiar gait genuine pregnant women have.

Never approach a suspect bomber. Call the police. The best way to stop a genuine bomber is a clean shot to the head. That’s why you need to alert the police. They need to make that call.