By this time next year your concealed carry permit could be good in all 50 states…if you even need one

Photo: Ed Nash. With Permissions.
Photo: Ed Nash. With Permissions.

Donald Trump’s election as president could be the tipping point that finally gets nation-wide concealed carry reciprocity into law.

Under such a law, every state must recognize concealed carry permits issued by other states.

But the Constitutional Carry movement, in which states allow citizens to carry concealed without a permit, provides both a danger and an opportunity for gun owners.

There are two nation-wide concealed carry reciprocity bills in Congress. One, H.R. 986, specifically states residents of Constitutional Carry states do not need to secure a permit in order to carry in other states.

After all, the bill only recognizes permits. If your state doesn’t require one, other states can legally bar you from carry.

Passing a nation-wide concealed carry reciprocity bill that does NOT cover Constitutional Carry states could effective kill the Constitutional Carry movement. Few states would want to trade not requiring a permit for opening its citizens to arrest for traveling over states lines.

But one bill, H.R. 923, DOES protect Constitutional Carry.

IF Congress were to pass, and Trump to sign, a reciprocity bill that protects Constitutional Carry, it could help spark a nationwide effort to repeal permits for concealed carry.

Congress has the votes to pass a bill, and Trump has said he will sign it.

But will it be a win for gun owners, or a Trojan horse for blocking Constitutional Carry?