BREAKING: Conservative gang attacked on street. You should carry concealed.

Photo source: Facebook, Jack Palkovic
Photo source: Facebook, Jack Palkovic

Liberal violence is spreading across the country since Hillary Clinton lost the presidential election.

And now common citizens are being targeted.  Just 24 hours after a liberal terrorist mob shut down a speech by an “alt-right” celebrity, a man wearing a Donald Trump hat was brutally attacked on a Berkeley, California street.

The assault took place in broad daylight.  In front of an Associated Press reporter with a camera.

This is why you must carry concealed.

The Daily Mail reports:

Jack Palkovic says he was wearing a ‘Make America Great Again’ cap and on his way to class Thursday when a white SUV slammed to a stop and two young men ran toward him.

One of the men screamed, grabbed Palkovic’s hat and pummeled him before the two got back in the vehicle and tried to drive away.

An Associated Press reporter witnessed the attack. Police arrived, blocked their escape and arrested both men.

Video of the incident was recorded on a cell phone by a reporter.

One of his was barefoot and wearing a poncho hoodie.  The other was wearing a cap emblazoned with the flag of Communist Cuba.

Will you be ready when liberals come for you?