Latest environmentalist scam is a literal pile of chicken $#!+

Photo source: Pixabay, CC0 Public Domain,
Photo source: Pixabay, CC0 Public Domain,

Environmentalism is the belief that technology and capitalism must be crushed, at any cost.

Even if it means polluting the Earth.

The latest example of that extremism is a new campaign by wealthy activist groups to force meat chicken producers to switch to “slow growing” breeds of birds.

“Last March, Whole Foods Market announced it would require its suppliers to switch back to slower-maturing breeds and to improve farm conditions by 2024 as part of the Global Animal Partnership program the retailer created to push for more humane treatment of farm animals. In November, food-service companies Aramark and Compass Group agreed to follow the same standards,” The Associated Press reports.

“It is really unsustainable to have business practices that cause so much suffering, are so unhealthy, that consumers are appalled and reject the product when they’re educated about what’s happening,” said Daisy Freund, director of farm animal welfare for the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, which has pushed the slow-growth movement, tells the AP.

But, as the National Chicken Council notes, this latest environmentalist scheme has a massive impact on the environment.

If only one-third of producers switched to “slow grow” birds, that would mean:

* An additional 1.5 billion birds would need to be slaughtered to meet demand

* An additional 5.1 billion gallons of water would be diverted to poultry production

* An additional 7.6 million acres of land would need to be plowed under to produce feed

* An additional 28 billion pounds of chicken manure would need to be disposed of, where it often runs off into rivers and streams

The environmental impact of that is, by their own measure, devastating.  The “slow grow chicken” movement is literally a 28 billion pound pile of chicken $#!+>

Who will save the Earth from environmentalists?