USMC veteran turned cop dives into Amish buggy!

A group of police officers in Wooster, Ohio were involved in a relatively “high speed” chase with an Amish buggy and a former racehorse named Penny who took off like the wind leaving her owner behind. Sgt. Smith, a former Marine, leapt into the buggy to prevent it careening any further down the highway.

The entire ordeal was captured on video by an eyewitness and the Wooster Police Department shared a few images on Facebook with the following message,

Every new day brings with it new challenges….. This driverless buggy took a morning run. Apple Creek Police and Wooster Ohio State Patrol managed to get the buggy stopped on 250 by ATI. No one was hurt. The horse was very excited & tired. The owners were found & the horse was turned over to then.
Would you jump into the buggy like Sgt. Smith did??