ISIS train by getting kicked in the privates


This video is one of those weird ones where they read an article from a newspaper, in this case the UK Daily Mail (story here) which is put together from stills. Somewhere, there’s a video of these ISIS fighters showing how strong they are by getting kicked in the privates!

The images were allegedly shot at the Sheikh Abu Muhammad Al-Adnani training camp in Yemen.

Reports of Sunni Muslim militants fleeing, rather than fighting to the finish as in previous battles, suggest their morale may be crumbling. ISIS’s last territory in Iraq is now a stretch skirting the western border with Syria, including the border town of al-Qaim.

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said that this last piece of territory would be recaptured before the end of the year, marking the final defeat of the militants in Iraq.

The militants still hold areas in Syria, but are retreating there in the face of two sets of hostile forces – a U.S.-backed, Kurdish-led coalition and Syrian government troops backed by Iran and Russia. (Daily Mail)

If we needed any more proof how weird these evil dudes are – this is it!