VIDEO: Girl and Glock

So, the virtue signalers at Citibank say they won’t do business with people who sell handguns to under-21s. Frankly, there was no way I was sending my 19-year daughter off to live in an apartment WITHOUT a firearm to protect her and I think these companies making political capital out of people’s safety are utter asshats. (I cancelled all my Citicards today.)


But all the fuss reminded me of this great Glock and Gunny video. Watch it before YouTube takes down all the gun ad videos.

The Squirrel says: Under federal law, the minimum age to buy a handgun from a licensed dealer is 21. But the age limit drops to 18 if the gun is being purchased from a private, unlicensed seller, which could be a neighbor or someone online, or at gun show.

For long guns, which includes rifles like AR-15s and shotguns, the minimum age of purchase from a licensed dealer is 18 under the federal law. But there’s no minimum age to purchase a long gun from a unlicensed seller.