BREAKING: Son kills three would-be burglars with AR-15

A gun is a tool. It’s an inanimate object. It does not possessย human characteristics or emotions.

And like any tool – you want it to be as effective as possible.

The AR-15 is a good tool.

Three bad guys against one good son? in this case the good son wins. Here’s how a home invasion in Broken Arrow, OK, went down. The death toll was three dead teenagers, a tragic loss of stupid life. Listen to the 911 audio. This was the gang’s second attempt that day to rob this property!

The neighbors just want this to be an example – and warning – to any would-be burglars. The getaway driver, a slightly older unmarried mother will now be tried for three counts of felony murder and three counts of felony burglary.

Comments on the squawking about the AR-15 are welcome below.