Jobs for retirees

Image: National Park Service, Public Domain

Many of us still need to work when we retire. Some for financial reasons, some for social ones. I’ve been doing some research. Let’s look at the different types of work out there for silver foxes.

Skills-based self-employment
If you have a skill or hobby you are good enough (or can become good enough) to teach to others in return for cash consider: singing, nursing care, home help, child care, tutoring, dog walking, basic handyman skills, playing a musical instrument, driving a car.

This type of self-employment often involves advertising locally, dropping leaflets, announcing yourself on local social media sites like your neighborhood Facebook page or list serve. Drop flyers at your local stores. Publicize on and zebra. NOTE: All of these jobs require a preliminary discussion with a lawyer about liability, as well as personal commitment to regularly and seriously marketing yourself. Don’t forget to go the extra mile, word of mouth is THE BEST way to get more work. 

For people with a skill or hobby consider making it into o a business and sell in person at craft fairs and special conventions, or online at market place sites like ArtFire, Etsy and Bonanza. This is a great opportunity to sell your ideas, or customize items for people with their own visions.

Back to the grind
Many of us have skills that an employer always wants and will waive age restrictions if we’re good enough. Translating is alway in demand at courts, social service agencies and customer service centers. And if you’re still able to sell, there’s aways a place for people with sales experience whether it’s in a store, office or over the phone.

Cashiers, shelf-stockers and guards are always in demand at stores. Package sorters, delivery personnel and truck drivers are always in demand by UPS and FedEx. Companies love seniors as greeters, security guards, office administrators, docents and guides. Try Older and Bolder at,

Time sensitive?
You have so much going on you can’t commit to a 9-5 job but you need some extra dough? Just don’t like being tied down? Ride share services like Uber allow you to pick and choose the exact minute you go out to earn money. You just need a clean record and a good car.

Direct sales takes guts and contacts. But you can do it on your schedule. Look at direct-sales firms like Mary Kay, Avon and Cutco (cutlery). You only need a computer, internet and a phone. Check out the Direct Selling Association. They can give you tips on what to look for in a good solid company.

If you have an extra room, you can make some money by registering with Again, you only rent out your space when you want to, so it fits in with your schedule.

The internet is a wonderful thing! You can do so much from home these days. Data entry, updating medical records, educating online (teaching English as a Second Language to students across the globe is a reality and pays $14-22 per hour for someone with just one year’s teaching experience!). Check for more ideas.

Summer park ranger positions are many and varied at the U.S. Parks. Check them out.

The holidays are always busy at the big box stores. Check out websites or give their human resources departments a call. You probably know more about fridges, plumbing parts and Christmas lights than you think you do!

Tax season requires people to help clients to complete their tax returns. High street companies will work with you to get the exact qualification for completing basic tax returns.

Exercise you get paid for
Just want to get out and about and make a little money doing so? How about dog walking? Or leaf clearing? Start by posting flyers at your local pet store, FB community pages, and on local list serves. The website TaskRabbit, a connections site, can also help to find you clients.

Federal retiree?
Many job opportunities are available for retirees − and those planning to retire − to earn additional income in retirement. Many retirees opt to work full or part time for many reasons; social, financial, and many simply want to remain active. Others with specialized skills, or security clearances will find lucrative consulting and temp jobs available if they know where to look. NOTE: If you are collecting Social Security there are earnings limitations until your reach full retirement age that you should be aware of.

This expanded jobs board introduces employers to highly qualified, reliable, and skilled federal employees approaching retirement and active retirees.

It is important to note that federal retirees can go back to work in the private sector without any impact on their federal annuity or benefits. Visit this Rehired Annuitant section to learn about the limitations that you will face if you return to federal service after retirement.