VIDEO: Store owner opens fire on burglars

A man opened fire on two would-be burglars after they broke into his Temple City auto repair shop Monday.

One of the burglars was hit while the other fled the scene. The shop owner then held the man at gunpoint until the police arrived.

After having his shop burglarized three times, the shop owner decided to take matters into his own hands. In recent weeks, he has slept in his shop each night, keeping a .380 pistol close to his chest.

The first accomplice used a crowbar to pry open the shop’s front door, then forced it open and stepped inside. The first burglar barely made it a few feet with his partner following close behind before he was met with the fearless shop owner.

The shop owner then charged at both criminals, shooting the surrounding windows, and apprehended the first man who broke in.

The burglar’s accomplice peeled out of the auto shop parking lot in the car they arrived in, quickly losing control of the vehicle and crashing onto a curb only half a block away. Shortly after, police found him in the front yard of a home the burglar ran into.

The shop owner’s use of his firearm was justified, according to the Los Angeles County Sheriff.

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