28lbs of poop removed from man who had constipation ‘his entire life’

This guy was born with a condition called Hirschsprung’s disease. This congenital condition — characterized by poor movement in the bowels — occurs when portions of a person’s bowel are missing nerve cells. Sadly his parents never mentioned his constipation as a baby to doctors and dismissed the kid’s complaints as he grew older.

So, this 22-year-old Chinese man lived with this horrible condition before doctors in Shanghai removed 30 inches of his extremely swollen colon. Weighing nearly 29 pounds, his colon was filled with feces that had accumulated there over his lifetime. He told doctors that he’d suffered constipation for his entire life, and that laxatives only offered minor relief. Doctor Yin Lu of Tenth People’s Hospital of Shanghai, where the surgery was performed, told Chinese news site The Paper that the man’s abdomen looked as if he was more than nine months pregnant.

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