Ecoradical protesters swarm Democrat HQ…don’t realize they made a HUGE mistake

The radical ecosocialist “Sunrise Movement” hatched a genius plan to force Democrats to hold a presidential debate entirely on “climate change” — a “sit-in” protest at Democrat headquarters that would force party leaders to hear them.

They just forgot one detail.

It all started when a horde of Sunrise Movement radicals swarmed the lobby of what they thought was the headquarters of the Pennsylvania Democratic Party.

The protesters sat on the floor, blocking the lobby elevators, while screeching, singing and waving yellow-and-black signs reading “DNC: Time is running out” and “11 years”

It wasn’t until after 11 of them had been arrested for trespassing that they were told they had the wrong address.

They were picketing the wrong building.

The Pennsylvania Democratic Party had moved out long ago.

It appears they simply Googled “Democrat headquarters” and went to the first address that popped up.

“If you can’t figure out where the local Democratic Party offices are before you show up for the protest, I’m not sure that I trust your analysis of the climate science much less what to actually do about the problem,” Ted Nordhaus, founder and executive director of The Breakthrough Institute, told Reuters.

These people claim they can predict future climate and produce all electricity from wind, but they can’t use Google Maps.