Labor Day Message from ALG!

Caption: Unemployment figures. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Sept. 2, 2019

Dear Liberty Activist,

This Labor Day think of this:

  • More Americans have jobs than at any time in history.
  • Fewer Americans were unemployed in July 2019 (the last month that we have data on) than in July 1989 and July 2009, and as few as July 1999, even though there are almost 40 million more people in the workforce since 1989.
  • There are more than a million more jobs available in America than there are people who are unemployed, meaning that people have the freedom to leave jobs without the fear that they won’t be able to find another one.
  • Labor participation among working aged adults was almost 77.4 percent in 1997. And then it began a steady decline through the 2000s and the 2010s before it finally bottomed in 2015 at 72.7 percent, according to the Bureau for Labor Statistics, representing 9.7 million people who would have been in the labor force had participation levels remained what they were in 1997. But now, labor participation among working age adults is once again rising, with 2.8 million more 16-64-year-olds in the labor force, and labor participation rising to 73.8 percent.
  • Wages are up 3.2 percent year-on-year with the fastest growing group in the increase in overall labor compensation being those who are the bottom 10 percent earners.
  •  Inflation remains stable and below 2 percent while wages are rising above that amount meaning that the average worker is experiencing real pay raises, and
  • More than half million manufacturing jobs have been created since President Trump was elected.

Happy Labor Day! – Celebrating that America is back to work and getting paid.



Rick Manning
Americans for Limited Government

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