Outrage: Illegal Alien Who Killed SF Woman Gets Off Scot-Free

Image: Jose Inez Garcia-Zarate, You Tube

7 time felon, 5 time deportee and illegal alien Jose Inez Garcia-Zarate skated for any accountability for killing Kate Steinle in July of 2015.

Zarate had been arrested for multiple crimes but California’s sanctuary city policies shielded the crook from immigration authorities.

This left him free to shoot and kill 32 year old Kate Steinle on a San Francisco pier.

A San Francisco jury acquitted Zarate from any culpability for the shooting despite the fact that Zarate actually DID fire the gun that claimed Steinle’s life and changed his story about it several times.

Instead, Zarate was convicted of a gun charge. But even this attempt at justice was deemed too much for California’s soft on illegal alien judiciary.

” The 1st District Court of Appeal on Friday overturned a gun conviction against Jose Inez Garcia-Zarate because the judge failed to instruct the jury on one of his defenses.”

Californians can look forward to having Zarate back on the streets of their state soon.